Wednesday, October 2, 2013

I Do Not Need More Jars!

That's what I kept telling myself every time
 I passed the vintage style blue Ball mason
 jars in Walmart and Target. 
I'd look. I'd desire. I'd walk away.
I was proud of my willpower.
Oil Painting by Mary Hughes
Yeah but........They are for a limited time 
only! American Heritage Collection 
celebrating the 100th anniversary of the 
blue Ball Mason jars.
They have period-correct blue color and embossed logo. 
You don't have a place to store them.
Yeah but.......Just look at them, they are so pretty! I could put flowers in them.
You don't need more jars.
Yeah but......I could use them for cute drink glasses too.
You don't need more drinking glasses.
Yeah but........I could store things in them and leave them out. 
You don't need more storage jars.
Build Shelves for Ball jars
Yeah but........So many uses! I could put a candle inside.
You don't need more candle jars.
Yeah but......I could actually 'can' something in them.
You need to learn how first.
Yeah but.......I could fill them with something homemade and give them as gifts. 
You won't want to give them away knowing your friends will probably throw the
emptied ones in the trash.
(Yes!  That would give me nightmares, and I would wake up screaming!)
I searched online and found the best price $8.99 
for the six pack box at Ace Hardware
I placed the order for pick up at
my neighborhood store for no shipping charges.
Say hello to my new 
'Yeah But' jars.
They just make me smile!



  1. Oh my gosh I cannot believe we are exactly the same page...those jars are an incredible color, way more aqua then the original older ones, this blue color is brilliant and who could not get two boxes of the at a minimum...Come on over for a visit and see the last day of the goulie goule house sitters at their dinner...Phyllis

  2. I love those jars! I can always use more mason jars, so I am off to find some of those!

  3. Oh, Rita! I bought them, too... With a basement and probably one hundred jars... But not these blue ones! Love it!

  4. I bought some earlier this year and I have used them SO much! I have 6 and have been thinking about getting more, the color is amazing, I just love them! I love the painting too! Have fun!

  5. hahahaha......we all have that same gene, Rita. Ace has had them for $8.99 all summer. I was good tho - only bought one case.

  6. Rita, if you need anymore, I've seen them in True Value, too. Love the color of them.

    1. I have several of the old blue mason jars and also have the old zinc lids but still bought 12 pint one at our Ace hardware store for that same price. I did make some grape jelly to put in them. Love them.

  7. I didn't know I wanted those till now.


  8. I love them too! I have a set of them also!


  9. SharonFromMichiganOctober 4, 2013 at 2:16 PM

    Rita, Your post made me laugh out loud! They are soooo irresistable - all pretty blue! I turned my new blue Ball jars into solar lights for my patio. I've also spied quart and larger blue Ball jars at my local Super Kmart. I'm trying very hard not buy them all up! LOL

  10. I got some at Ace too and I just love them!

  11. Thank you for a badly needed chuckle today! I loved your post.

  12. Oh my goodness....your other voice and my other voice must be close relatives, in fact they sounds exactly alike!! AND we have a similar relationship......I'm enjoying my jars too ;-)