Thursday, October 24, 2013

DIY Halloween Spell Book Pages

Here's a quick, last minute Halloween
decoration. You still have time for this one.
I found the idea on Pinterest. Check out my
board for Halloween. I've been collecting
 lots of spooky ideas.
 I went to the blog source, g*rated and
printed out the 2 pages on cream paper.
I just tucked them into an encyclopedia book. 
which I had bought a whole set of for only 10¢ each.
I tucked in a black satin ribbon for a 
 bookmark and then took a bite out of 
an apple. This is my lazy version. 
You can follow Marie's directions
 for a more detailed version, 
........if you are so inclined.
Living room Halloween coffee table, done.
5 minutes-no cost. I think I'll cut
out some Halloween bats next.
Pinterest has cast it's spell!

Happy Halloween!


  1. I love your book, aren't they the funest to make, I love all the ideas you can get on Pinterest and wow it was smart to get all those books....I am thinking of making a Christmas book, with the gluegun and tissue paper front, so creative ...

  2. Good for you for actually doing what you pin. I'm not alway so good.