Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Last Minute Halloween Craft & A Peek Around

I wanted a Happy Halloween banner.
I needed to kept it easy and fast. The 'girls' 
would be arriving in 15 minutes with snacks 
ready to play cards and drink wine.
 Find a font I liked (that took the longest), 
then print out the letters and cut out.  
Find black construction paper; cut it larger . 
Punch a hole into each corner. Glue the
white lettered paper on top. 
 Find an orange straw; cut into pieces and 
string it all together on twine. 
I'll make another one next year when 
I have more than 5 minutes and use card 
stock paper and trim, but for now, it's good.
 I have yards of this lacy cloth that I got from
 my friend's estate sale. I've draped it all
around the top ledge of the wall in the
 living and dining room.  
The cobbler's bench

 The pie safe.
The lace draping was just enough
to go all around.
I think I have a mouse in the house.
 View into entry.

Living room end table.
Platter on the back of the stove top.

Above the stove and microwave. I just
attached a few wooden decorations from 
Michael's onto jute string to make
this bunting. I made the decoupaged 
BOO letters years ago.

Happy Halloween!

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  1. Hi Rita, wish I lived close and could drop in for a tour of your lovely home. You have the decorator's touch that's for sure. I want you wall of blue and white plates! Love all your Halloween decor too. Hugs, Sandy