Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Adding A Garden Fountain

We added a fountain to our front yard.
My mother was it's previous owner.
I remember the day we schlepped it home
 from Home Depot and set it up by her
screened-in back patio. The years have
passed and it stood neglected by the side
of her house (it was now being rented)
We rescued it and brought it to
bubbling life again. Reminds me of her
every time I walk past it.
Makes me love it more.



  1. What a perfect spot for your pretty fountain. It adds so much interest (and I'm sure a lovely sound) and looks like that flower bed was made for the fountain. Especially nice since it belonged to your mother. Have a good weekend. laurie

  2. How beautiful. The fountain fits perfectly in the spot you chose. Now you can enjoy it every day - what a great idea.