Thursday, April 25, 2013

Sink Counter & Hand Scrub

 I have the soap and hand lotion dispenser 
set sitting on a square Villeroy&Boch plate 
to the left of the sink. It's easy to move the
 plate when I wipe down the counters. 
A matching V&B custard cup holds 
homemade sugar hand scrub. It didn't have a
 top so I'm using the glass top from a jar 
candle. An oyster shell is a good place to 
put rings while I clean.
 My clutter basket is on the other side.
It's the place where I keep all of my
quick-grabs: my camera, reading glasses,
Iphone, charger, pen, my clipped
'list' of things to do today,
a bundle of recipes I'm planning on making
 this week (always a few new ones to try)
along with any other bits that land there on
 their way to their final destination. 
It has a blue ticking liner and I can grab the
handles and carry it to wherever I need.
I can also pull out the plastic divider and
 drop in a 9x13 casserole or cake. 
Longaberger collectors will recognize it.

At the end of the counter are 
the collection of seasonal napkins,
napkin rings, placemats and aprons.
It's close to the breakfast table
for easy table setting. 
Sugar Hand Scrub
Fill a small container 3/4 full
with sugar. Add enough of your
favorite Olay dish liquid until it
is absorbed by the sugar. Cover.
(choose any color you want too)
Scoop out a small bit and use to 
wash your hands silky smooth.


  1. Love the hand scrub and your kitchen looks amazing. I really like the baskets for the napkins and rings, how clever is that. Hugs, Marty

  2. I love how you keep those necessities on a cute little plate! Why haven't I thought of that before? Thanks for sharing a great idea!

  3. Love your blue and white and I'm a big proponent of setting items on trays so you can do a quick move to clean under them. Now I think I need to make myself a quick grab basket too.

  4. Everything looks so pretty and organized! Really inspirational.

  5. I like all of your pops of blue and the many great uses for baskets around your kitchen! I didn't know Olay made a dish liquid, but I suppose any favorite liquid hand soap would work, right?