Sunday, April 7, 2013

Craigslist Antique Cupboard

This is the beautiful antique I found on Craigslist last week.
It was an old listing and I was sure it would be
 sold. But it wasn't and it was just in the next
 town. So it was meant to be mine.
 We were able to get it into our van and 
drive home with back doors tied open. 
Larry unloaded it and I gave it a cleaning.
I used Murphy Oil Soap and water.
 It's in good shape for such an old piece. 
Even the back wood is original.
 I decided to load it up with lots of silver.
That look didn't work for me
so I switched everything out and filled
 it with white and cream pottery.
 I love, love the crown details and the 
heavy side scrolling.
 Love the carved flowers that arch each 
of the glass door.
Love the deep carvings on the bottom doors.
 Love the storage on the bottom,
 and look at those two hidden drawers. 
Secret compartments if I ever saw one!
 Lots of carved detail. I wish I knew more 
about this piece: age, style, history.
 The perfect thing for me also was it's size. 
It needed to be narrow to fit into my hallway.
I had been looking for something
unique for this space ever since I gave my 
daughter the 2 etegeres that were here
previously. Click HERE to see.
 The top is quite deep so I raised it up with
 scrap wood boards.
 I gathered a few things for the top, a basket,
 3 Ball jars and a painting my granddaughter 
did 4 years ago.  She didn't like it, 
I kept it and now it has a spot.
I borrowed an old key from another
antique piece until I can find one.
Oh! and the price was perfect too.



  1. Rita,
    She is for sure a TREASURE!!! You are one lucky gal to get her. Your hangers made the top 5 most viewed links from last weeks party (thanks for sharing...I love the idea).


  2. Amazing find for that price. She is a beauty.

  3. I was going to say that "he" sure is handsome. But I guess with the white pottery, maybe he is a she. In any case, stunning piece.

  4. What a gorgeous piece and in such perfect condition. I love it. Hugs, Marty

  5. Wowza! That was a great price and it is gorgeous (regardless of the price). My corner cabinet was a craigslist find too! although the price was double what you paid! Lucky Lady!

  6. What a lovely cabinet. I'm so glad to see it just cleaned up and not painted. Too beautiful to ever paint it. Judy M.

  7. That is beautiful you are one lucky girl....Glad it found a good home and such a cheap price. Enjoy it.


  8. Wow I love your new cabinet! I want it!! I hope you enjoy your new piece! I love furniture with some history! Have a great day, Nicole

  9. That is amazing for $100. What a treasure, and looks like it was created for that spot! Love the white dishes in it as well.

  10. How on earth did I miss that? I'm on Craig's list almost every day and I don't think we live that far away from each other! I'm usually putting in filter words though, instead of checking each item every day. My words are Ethan Allen, Pennsylvania House, Hutch, Cherry, Crystal and a few others....I guess I'll have to start putting in "antique" LOL It's beautiful...and I loved your choice of white...maybe because I have the same cows...and two of the big sitting white one! It's so pretty. I'm glad you rescued it and gave it a good home.

  11. What a great piece you now own! It's fabulous!

  12. Beautiful and for only $100, what a find! You've styled it so nicely, too.

  13. What a beautiful piece, for such a small amount of cash. Love how you have it decorated too. Thanks for sharing at the Cabin.

  14. Rita, that is the perfect pc for you!! meant to be!

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