Monday, December 5, 2011

POOCHini In The Bedroom

Here's a little peek at the Christmas bedroom.
My little poochini.....Lucy.
She couldn't wait until I had the pillows in 
place to find herself a good spot.
Princess likes the lighted garland.
The girls do not want to be left out of
the activities.
I covered the wicker settee with a red down
 coverlet. I used red rose embroidered 
pillowcases and matlesse shams at the back.
I accented it by adding a handmade 
grapevine wreath. I just tied on a little
ribbon and Christmas bow . 
Where should we put the lighted garland?
Princess is looking for a good spot.
Just a peek into the bedroom brought
 to you by my little poochinies.



  1. I just love your little dogs! Such sweet little faces. (your Christmas bedroom is beautiful, too!)

  2. They are so cute and helpful, I see.

  3. Awe, what sweeties! By the way, love that red/white diamond quilt/spread.

  4. Love the holiday touches to your already beautiful bedroom.. That sweet you have laying there makes it all the prettier.

  5. Adorable little Lucy!! I miss my pug Ben sooo much, he died last year at 13. She puts a smile on my face! Too cute. Enjoy your week Rita May.

  6. You poochinis are so adorable! I miss our little Nettie. Your bedroom is BEAUTIFULLY done for Christmas! Love the red and white! Now, where did you put the garland??????