Monday, June 27, 2011


I had a little Corningware tea pot when they first came out. Then I sold it at a garage sale years ago. Now I bought one at a garage sale.
Now it's considered vintage.
 What does that say about me?
I love the classic little cornflower design. 
That's the wire heart you've seen in previous posts.
 I wrapped it with a strip of t-shirt fabric from a shirt on it's way to the rags basket. 
I tied on a blue check ribbon.
On the other counter I'm still using my little white painted caddy. 
The I love coffee print.



  1. I love the blue and white! I have one, too, so now you know more about me!

  2. I have that teapot with the flowers in orange/green. I'm sure you know what I mean. I'm vintage, too.

  3. Beautiful! Love the soft colours here. Everything looks so perfect.
    Hope to see you on my blog:)

  4. HI Rita! Oh, I love that little tea pot! I had one too and don't even remember what I did with it. I love your little vignette on your counters!
    Be a sweetie,
    Shelia ;)

  5. I think my mom had one of these! She was big on correl. :) It looks so sweet in your kithen! :)


  6. It says you had good taste then and still have it!!! I just love to do things like this!!!

  7. your kitchen is so cute no matter what the holiday! I love the corning ware coffee pot too! I remember having one earlier in my life too... I guess that makes us both vintage!

  8. Hi Rita, I had to come right over as soon as I saw the teapot on your link picture! I grew up with that pot and my mom STILL uses it everyday! She cleans it with vinegar and it looks like new! Makes good water for tea, too! Linda

  9. Rita, I love that little tea pot, your story is so funny! I remember those things when I was a kid and maybe my mom had it, who knows, she loved Corning ware...she still has some dishes and pots with lids, from way back!
    I just came from TTT, at Marty's. Have a nice week. Hugs, FABBY

  10. I'm a baby boomer so I know what you're saying about what is "vintage" - I think it's funny when the younger collectors get excited about avocado green pyrex casserole dishes.
    PS I still have my original cornflower blue teapot and a few casserole dishes.

  11. Hey Rita, I had one of those too!!! We must be of the same 'vintage'!!

  12. Cute! My mom had corningware with the same design on it (not trying to age you by referencing my mom!!) :)

  13. I truly try not to think about your statement re: our things being Vintage. Oh my. I still use some of my corning bowls from when we got married (1975). Yep, they're in the malls now as vintage bowls. Love your post!