Friday, June 24, 2011

Fairy Day Garden

I  May'd a fairy garden to celebrate
Fairy Day on June 24th.
I've always wanted to make one.
I already had a pretty fairy in need of a garden.
I did a scavenger hunt in the yard and garage and came up with;
 a vintage dish wash tub, twigs, 2 craft picket fences, blue stones, small tiles, acorn caps, beach sand, drawer knobs, small clay pots, rocks, rosemary, fern sprouts, champagne cap, cocktail umbrella,
potting soil, white paint pen, and a glue gun.
I should be able to make a Fairy Garden out of all that!
I used the paint pen to write Believe
 on a smooth stone. 
Believing in fairies is very important.
I created a patio with the small tiles and used
 2 drawer knobs and the champagne cap as seats.
The small clay pot and umbrella as the table.
The arbor was made from the twigs.
Rosemary is the vine.
The path leading under the arbor to the patio is
 beach sand edged with acorn caps.
The translucent blue stones become a pond.
A few sprigs of fern, a little water and a sprinkle of
fairy dust!
Do you remember watching Peter Pan and repeating,
I do believe in fairies! I do! I do!
Happy Fairy Day!


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  1. So adorable-I just love it!
    And I didn't know it was Fairy day....I should share my Fairy garden.
    Thanks so much for sharing, you brought many smiles!

  2. visiting you from the "Blog Party"! what a sweet fairy garden oxox, tracie

  3. I love this little garden... I would love to create one for my Mom's birthday... We'll see... Take care! Hugs...

  4. How cute is that garden! I love the "believe" stone. It reminds me of the late Jeanne Bice of Quacker Factory on QVC, she was such a sweetie.

    Have a lovely weekend!

  5. Pretty and interesting! Happy Fairy day! I didn't know it's Fairy Day too, til I read this post. Should I have known, I would have prepared something nice and special too to join in the fun. :-)

  6. Love it! I like miniature gardens. Next week-probanly Tuesday I will post photos from a miniature flower show I went to-lots of cute mini tables and scenes.

  7. I saw your garden and think it’s one of the cutest tabletop decorations I’ve ever seen!! Can you make me one, adorable little fairy and all? ^_- And by the way, I’m LO-VING your little umbrella – I may have to copy imitate you, Darlin’!! =} Thanks for sharing, and for the sweet comments left on my blog!!

    ~Nicole @