Wednesday, March 30, 2011

A Visit to Kevin and Allan's...part 2 BRUNCH!

This is what you'll see after going thru those leaded doors from my last post.
Notice the tile work is from floor to ceiling...very European.
Lots of baskets are hung from the beams.
A view into their beautiful garden. I'll have to do a photo garden tour on my next visit.
The built in Miele coffee maker system.
It's always a hit with everyone.
A large row of chef quality pots hang on rack over the island. 
Kevin designed this cabinet to work beautifully from both sides.
This cabinet was designed to fit on the opposite wall.
View thru to the breakfast room.
Kevin is a master in the kitchen.
Friends pitch in. 
All these tomatoes are from their garden.
A bounty of colorful cherry tomatoes.
Everyone always gathers in the kitchen, helping out, nibbling, drinking coffee, (or tea) and chatting.
Jamie helps herself to a yogurt. 
Kevin-home on the range!
Grilling lots of French toast.
The big clock on the tiled floor to ceiling wall in the hallway
tells us it's time to eat!
It's next to the powder room.
These are the family stairs that lead into the kitchen.
 The table is cleared in the dining room.
The chairs are removed. 
The front parlor can be seen thru the built-in room divider cabinets.
The flowers are brought in. They are also from their garden.
All the food is brought in. Creamy scrambled eggs, flavorful fresh sausage, fruit, juices, 
crispy bacon
and that delicious French Toast
Kevin's secret is a bit of cinnamon and more than a bit of Cointreau.
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visit Kevin's design business at:   KDH Home Design


  1. I have the same Miele speedcook as your friends and I love it! What a stunning kitchen! I'm very envious, but in a good way! LOL!! I can't wait for more tours! Thanks again!

  2. Hi Rita! Oh, this kitchen is gorgeous! I love every area of it! The blue tiled wall is so lovely! Kevin is really at home on the range, isn't he? :) That was so cute.
    What a lovely home. Thanks for showing it to us.
    be a sweetie,
    Shelia ;)

  3. Rita, that kitchen is just fabulous, and what a feast! I nearly fainted when I saw those beautiful tomatoes they GREW! That tiled wall is gorgeous, too, as is the cabinetry. Just a wonderful home! Thanks for sharing this with us...


    Sheila :-)

  4. Oh my do I get on their guest list?!

    What an amazing home. And yes, I would love to see the gardens that grew those incredible tomatoes!

    Suddenly, I am craving French toast...and bacon...and tomatoes!

  5. How beautiful!! That is all that I can say.

  6. Rita, this kitchen is to die for, not to mention the food, that looks even better...LOL... have a great day


  7. A dream kitchen for sure.. Love the miele's.. That kitchen is a work of art. thank you for sharing such a beautiful place.

  8. Wow.....I am so glad you shared this with us. That kitchen is a dream kitchen for sure. I love how it accomodates all the chefs to do their thing and still has room for the children to dash in and out for snacks. It is stunning but "homey" and you can feel the love in there!!

  9. This is just a beautiful home. It feels so warm and inviting. I love that your photos also included the living that goes on in this home. Very nice. I went through & took the entire tour. Loved it.

  10. Now that's my idea of French toast. Thanks for sharing such a marvelous gathering. Cherry Kay

  11. What a gorgeous home! I'm pretty sure I would just hang out over by the coffee station the entire time. :-) Thanks so much for joining us at Inspiration Friday this week!