Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Vintage Aprons

My mother-in-law always wore an apron in the kitchen.
 She dressed in hose, heels and dresses or skirts everyday.
So she had lots of aprons.
She made most of them herself.
She, as well as the ladies in her church would sew aprons for the church bazaar.
I pulled out  three green ones to use this month.
All of them have charming hand sewn details.
Ric Rac and cross stitch
 Tiny little cross stitches are made in the checks with yellow and green floss.
Someone spent a lot of time and love on this one.
I hang them on the chicken wire pantry doors.
Sometimes one gets tossed on the island....
...or just hung on a drawer knob.
But they all get a little more love.
 I think the ric rac I used to trim the doggie's cookie jar was some of that old ric rac. 
Now I have lots of pretty handmade aprons.



  1. Those were the good old days when you saw someone in the kitchen with a dress on and an apron, huh? I don't even own one.

  2. Love a the aprons .I wear one every day no high heals like your mother in law but do love a frock .aprons are great my clothes would ruined other wise .
    love your blog
    jo xx at yellow teacups

  3. I think our mother-in-laws were kindred spirits as she did the same with the dress, heels and a fresh apron in the morning and a fresh one in the evening!

    I love how you've displayed them and you've given me an idea for my kitchen.

    I usually only wear them when I bake, because I'm a messy baker! The flour can really fly when I bake! LOL!

    I enjoyed my visit and your mom-in-laws aprons!

  4. What a lovely inheritance of aprons and memories. I love to wear aprons and dresses when working in my home too. It just makes me feel so girly. I'm glad I followed your link from A Beach Cottage this morning. You have a lovely blog!

    Sherry @ A Happy Valentine

  5. I love this and I'm so fascinated with aprons - the entire contemporary and historical perspective. My mother-in-law lives with my family and she makes beautiful aprons for us. I even made some this past December for gifts (under my mother-in-law's guidance). You can never have too many aprons! :-)