Friday, March 18, 2011

Hello Clear Day!

That's the name of my new blog background for Spring. Clear Day.
I'm saying goodbye to my background for 
St. Patrick's Day. 
I've used Emerald Shamrock from March 1 thru  17.
I remembered to take a picture this time before I changed it.
 Not like my six previous backgrounds here.

It's so easy to change your background. This one is #8 for me. It's just a few clicks. Find a free background. I find mine at The Cutest Blog On The Block. Click on the link or on the upper left box on my blog page. Copy the code of the background you want and then go to the design tab on your blog. Click on add a gadget under your header. Find the box that says add HTML text and click + then copy the code into the box. Don't forget to save. Blog decorating made easy! 


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