Thursday, March 24, 2011

Treasure Hunting in Delray Beach

After taking lots of photos of Cathy's house HERE and HERE, we headed out for lunch by the beach....
but first we made a few stops.

Our first stop was Mango Joe's garden center. 
For inspiration.
This is a great way to build an arbor. I'll put it on the "Projects" list.
I've been eating oysters for years and saving the shells. Now I know what to do with them!
We saved our old kitchen sink for a "someday" potting bench. 
This one motivated me to move that project up the list.

We then hit a few antiques stores, and onto the GW thrift store.
Cathy got a nifty little mesh fedora with a leather band that she wore the rest of the day.
I got: a small wicker picnic basket, 4 vintage corning saucers that I thought matched cups I had bought on another thrifting day, and my fave buy of the day...a vintage cake tin. All less than $12.00.
Love the yellow daisies.
And yes, the cups did match the saucers.
ta da!



  1. Love the yellow cake tin. You lucky girl, love to find something like that...great deal too.

  2. Great finds! The nice thing about the Corning (we grew up with it), it will fit right into that basket and you don't have to worry about them breaking! Now, if you could only find similar plates!

    I love, the cake tin, it's so pretty! Looks like you scored, and for very little $$, that' the best type of shopping day! Not to mention all the ideas you walked away with!

  3. Rita - love your blog, thank you for sharing your creativity and fun!! Practical question -- where do you store all your pretty dishes/glassware? I'm having a hard time finding the balance of using my tablescapes and storing them. Any words of advice?

  4. Hi Rita~ LOVE your inspirations from the garden center!! Oh I want to plant flowers!! Your finds from GW are great too- the cake tin is darling! Thanks for sharing at FNF! :)

  5. Wonderful finds! Love the potting bench! What a great idea. Thanks for linking up!

  6. Answer to Melinda: I store most of my kitchen dishes in my converted food pantry to cottage dish pantry. See my post by searching dish pantry on the 'search this blog' box, or go to my February posts.

  7. The shell lamp is so cool...and i LOVE the cake tin - wow, lucky you!
    Stop by to enter my vintage linen giveaway!

  8. I love the vintage cake tin!!

  9. I love that lamp!!!! I cant wait to see your creation too.


  10. Nice inspiration photos. You are giving me the urge to get out and visit local garden centers. At least there it may be warmer!

  11. I love that potting bench! It looks like ya'll had a great time!

  12. Oh my goodness, I LOVE that daisy cake tin!!

  13. Your new cups and saucers look like the cam from a sweet old diner. What fun! :)


  14. Great finds and great prices! I love old cake carriers, and this one looks like it has never been used. You did good. Thanks so much for linking to Favorite Things. laurie

  15. Forgot to tell you, I also love that potting bench. Can't wait to see yours. laurie

  16. I love the tin can, so pretty in yello, some great finds, lucky gal! My mom still has the corning dishes from the early sixtees, in gold and blue design like yours...they have so much memmories of childhood, I loved seeing your post Rita.
    Have a nice Sunday.