Monday, November 6, 2017

How I Found My Tobacco Basket

I've been keeping my eye out for a tobacco
 basket for years. I was hoping to find one
 on my travels for a good deal.
It needed to be authentic.
I was very lucky to find this one leaning
against the side of a dilapidated garage in
 a big overgrown yard in North Carolina.
We were storing our trailer there until
we drove up again to pick it up. 
The owner of the property didn't own the
basket.  He would try to contact the lady
that did. I was not leaving without a good
effort. We went to lunch in town and
I checked back with him later. 
Still no contact with the lady.
He promised to try again. 
We ran some errands...translation: I was
stalling to hit the road until all efforts
 have been exhausted.
Stenciled edges
On my next call he said that she was not
interested in selling. She knew what she had.
Now a normal person would give up at this
point. That's why they don't have elusive
treasures. I asked if she would be
interested in a trade. 
He'll get back to me.
Morristown, NC
We drove back to the lot and met with the
 lady. We chatted a bit and I offered her
the pick of any item that was in my trailer.
It was basically stuff I had accumulated
from garage sales and bulk trash days.
 Things I didn't want.
She liked a tile top table.
The table had a rustic North Carolina style
that wasn't going to work in Florida anyway
...PLUS I had picked it up for FREE on one
of my bulk trash day rounds.
So the tobacco basket cost me nothing.
Everybody was happy, as all deals should go.
Here's the best part. She had 2 baskets! 
I basically got 2 huge antique tobacco
baskets for FREE.
But wait there's MORE!
 I sold one when we got home for $165.
Next, finding just the right spot for 
this 4' x 4' beauty. 
I first cleaned it up and oiled it up to
 protect the wood and bring out it's color.
  We first tried it in the family room 
on top of the wall unit. It looked
terrible there!
We strung little lights around and through.
After testing the lights first, they didn't
work in spots after we strung them...
as all Christmas lights do!
We finally found the perfect spot in 
the dining room above the large
antique cupboard. It was meant to
be there! The lighted pinecone basket
was already there. We took down the
will use that in a better spot with
natural light. 
I just love, love it!


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  1. What a beautiful find - enjoy!

  2. Such a beauty...a tobacco basket is on my wish list too. What a great find, and the story just adds to the provenance! Lucky you!

  3. OMGoodness, I love it too!!!! You SCORED girl! I am jealous. I pass tobacco barns all the time on my way up to Lancaster but have never seen a basket. I keep looking though. GREAT find!