Thursday, November 9, 2017

DIY Easy Sharpie Tile Coasters

It's so easy to personalize coasters using 
a few pieces of leftover tile. 
I made these years ago when we still had
 our place in North Carolina.
We had a black bear theme in the guest 
bedroom and bathroom. 
See those rooms HERE and HERE.
Living room HERE.
I made a template of the bear using a 
piece of cardboard and traced it onto a tile
with a pencil. Then I just filled it in with
a black Sharpie. You have endless 
possibilities; monograms, words, names, 
and holiday images like, ghosts, 
Christmas ornaments, snowflakes,
Glue on a piece of cork for the back to
  protect furniture and prevent sweating. 
You can spray coat to protect the front 
or just fill it in if it gets worn. So easy!


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