Monday, August 15, 2016

Turn A Broken Basket Into A Dog Bed

Yes, Sofie has another bed basket. 
Unfortunately this large basket got crushed
in the garage.
 Not wanting to rush things and throw it out
like a normal person would, I thought about
how to repurpose it.
We needed to replace the front. Before 
we cut out the front I added glue to the
end splints to hold them in place. 
 Used a small saw to cut out the front.

 The ends will be covered with the wood.
 Larry found a scrap piece of plywood and 
cut it to fit and also cut a scoop to create a
easy entry for Sofie. I'm thinking of
stenciling her name on the front, or
"dog blessed"
 This is definitely a rustic/shabby project. 
Meaning I didn't want to fuss with it. 
I just rubbed the front with mineral oil.
 It brought out the wood tones plus it's 
non-toxic. I use it to condition the wood on 
my kitchen island as well as a few projects
Again, it's the easiest and fastest thing to do.
 The best part about this basket is that it is 
the right size for a standard pillow. I have a 
stack of old pillowcases, so I can change her 
bedding weekly, or just flip the pillow over
 for another week .
 This one is a blue and white stripe. 
 I put it in the family room to see
if she would get in on her own.
 She did! Time for a nap.



  1. Absolutely perfect for Sofie!!! Great job!

  2. What a great idea! You're amazing and always thinking ahead!