Thursday, August 11, 2016

Tip: Appliance Cord Storage

This is a great solution to those messy appliance cords.
 Works on your stand mixer, bread maker, 
blender, crock pot, and all the ones on the 
counter or in storage. 
 My stand mixer is on the counter next to 
the fridge at the end of the kitchen.
 The cord is always a messy jumble.
 Here's the simple solution. I had 2 of these 
loop attachments to give this a try.
 Since I had previously used these loops 
some of the sticky had worn off. I used
double sided tape to attach them. 
You won't need to do that.
 Attach to the back and loop on the cord. 
It's easy to hook and unhook when needed. 
No more messy cords on the counter. 
 Much neater area now.
Added one to the bread machine that's 
on the storage shelf in the laundry room. 
Happy that I got to reuse these little 
hooks I'd saved and got to do this little
project in minutes. Now I can get another
set for the rest of cord-challenged items. 


tip: These Command cord bundler hooks can be found at

Home Depot, Walmart, and Target.

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