Thursday, August 25, 2016

Organizing A Big Purse

The bottomless pit in a big purse can be a 
challenge. It was time to organize my purse
with a new system to end the clutter. No
more digging around to find what I needed. 
I had the help of my assistant Sofie, 
who wanted to be involved. 
First I dumped out everything in my bag. 
  By sorting everything into categories
I would need 3 small zip pouches.
Designating small bags for items means
 I can find what I'm looking for quickly.
Find these inexpensive bags at Target,
Walmart, Staples, and the Dollar Store.
They are thin and lightweight. You don't
want to add  more bulk and weight. 
 I'm using a clear bag for receipts, coupons, 
a shopping list, and a list of where my errands
take me for the week. I like that I can glance
 at the list without opening the bag.
 No more searching for receipts for items 
that need to be returned.  Contents in
this pouch change weekly with my errands.
This bag holds emergency stuff: small first 
aid kit with bandaids, Advil and aspirin in a 
repurposed contact lens case, a Swiss army 
knife, a bottle holder lanyard, CPR mask, etc.
This bag holds: notepad, pens, paper tape 
measure, foldable reading glasses, a lens 
cleaning cloth, mini flashlight, paint chip 
cards (if I need to match a color for a buy), 
and a printable master shopping list, 
(I keep and edit a master list on my 
computer and print it out when it's updated),
also a small pouch for my earbuds. 
My leather Coach makeup bag can double
as a small clutch if needed when traveling.
My wallet and separate glasses case.
These are my 2 favorites. A Brighton
 case holds both reading and sun glasses.
The Coach one can double as a phone case. 
There you have it!
All sorted and organized.
Sofie is fascinated by the process.
This makes it very quick to change purses. 
Most purses have a zip compartment and
 I always use it to store my wallet safely.
The wallet has a pocket where I can put
my phone if I'm doing a quick run into a store.
This large Coach bag has lots of interior 
pockets and my new system works great for
 tucking the small bags in to fit. My wallet 
is in the middle zippered pocket.
There's a slot for glasses and phone.
This one is even big enough for my iPad. I'll 
bring it if my day may include some wait time. 
I can even throw in a pashmina or light 
sweater for chilly restaurants and movie
theaters. I keep my purse in a designated
 place in the house. I never put it on the
 floor or table when out or at home. 
Occasionally I wipe off the outside, including
 the bottom, and handles with disinfecting
 wipes. You can do this quickly when you walk
 into a grocery store.
I always grab an insulated cold water bottle 
whenever I head out the door for the car.
Stay hydrated my friends! And organized!



  1. Great ideas. And nice that it is easy to switch purses quickly and pretty effortlessly.

  2. You had me at organizing! I love anything to do with organizing. Great ideas for being able to find things in a purse that sometimes seems like the Grand Canyon. Miss Sofie is just precious.

  3. I love your organizing plan and I will use it. I carry a big purse and it usually is a mess! Thanks for sharing...also I have tried many of your recipes and love them.