Thursday, March 26, 2015

6 Tips To Alphabetize and Organize Your Pinterest Boards

It's so much easier to find a board I'm looking 
for now that I've alphabetized my 185 boards.
1. ALPHABETIZE: Go to your Pinterest site. Take your mouse and move your cursor over any board you want to move. The hand icon will appear. Left click on it and hold it down while you drag it to the spot you want. If you have lots of boards to scroll past, it will be easier if you scroll up through your boards with your right hand until you find the spot you want to drop it. Then drag the board using your left hand to that spot. It will shift the boards on each side out of the way. Unclick the mouse and release the board. I had to try this a few times to get the hang of it.

2. SUBDIVIDE BOARDS:  Once you have too many pins in one board  it's time to create sub categories. Keep the first word consistent.  My Christmas board was filled beyond capacity. I couldn't find anything. Now I have Christmas-Crafts, Christmas-Ornaments, Christmas-Decor, etc. I did the same with recipes. Subdivide!

3. COVER PHOTO: Use a good cover photo. Again, it's easier to find my "Hearts" board because there's a big heart cover photo. Change your cover photo using the edit board's icon.

4. DELETE DUPES: Pinterest now lets you know if you've already pinned something, but
if you've been pinning since the beginning, you'll need to weed out the duplicate pins.

5. MOVE PINS IN WRONG CATEGORY: Hit the edit icon in the pin to move it where it belongs. I find strays all the time. It's a pinning in a hurry thing.

6. DELETE PINS & BOARDS: Yes, some gotta go! Change the title of the boards that are not working for you too. This is an ongoing process. A little at a time.

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Happy Pinning!
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  1. Thanks, Rita. I'm following you now. I've known for a while it's time to clean things up again...just haven't taken the time. Thanks for the reminder!

    1. Thanks Kim for following. I've also posted this on my MAY DAYS facebook page.

  2. I just recently figured out how to alphabetize my boards. Thanks for all these tips!

  3. I skimmed through your post. We have something in common and that's organization. Organization is awesome for productivity, and that's why I created Pinterest Sort. It's a chrome extension that aims to simplify sorting and improve organization. Here's a link to it: