Monday, September 8, 2014

What's In My Tennis Bag?

I play tennis 4-5 days a week. I love it! 
It's great exercise and very social.
I'm very lucky that my tennis club is less 
than 2 miles from my house and has
25 courts as well as 2 pools, multiple 
exercise rooms and classes, a cafe, great 
locker rooms, and a very friendly staff. 
It's the place where 
'everybody knows your name'. 
I play doubles with a rotating group of about
 30-40 wonderful ladies. All good players. 
We all have good days and bad,
but we always have fun.
That's the best part.
Here is my tennis bag packed with
all the essentials I might need while out.
Of course #1 and #2 items are my racket
and a new can of balls. 
 This is the rest of  what's inside.
 An insulated beverage container for ice and
water. I've also written my name on a plastic
cup for that I use as a sleeve for the times
I just grab a plastic cup at the club. 
I just drop the cup in. It keeps my water
from getting mixed-up with the
other drinks that are on the table.
 Keys and phone. The new slimmer iPhone
fits inside my D&B eyeglass case. Cool. 
 A spare house key, if I ride with someone
else, a coin purse with cash if I want to stop
 somewhere after tennis for lunch or a quick
 grocery pick-up on the way home. A small
first-aid kit, a dry pair of panties in a baggie,
and a few wrist sweat bands. 
Photo ID, kleenex, notepad and pen, some
and a Ziploc bag that can be filled with
ice in case of an injury. 
 This all fits inside a small zip makeup bag.
 I also keep a few tennis emergency supplies
reusing an empty tennis can. Fill the kit with:
 sunscreen lip balm, extra grip tape, hair elastics,
several string dampers,  a smal sunscreen,
 (I put on lots before I leave the house),
 extra ziplocs for ice, powdered drink mix,
 bandaids, a packet of Tylenol, some aspirin and
 Advil stored in an empty contact lens case,
comb, lipstick, emery board, brow pencil
(just the minimal for the aforementioned
 lunch/grocery trip)
 The small items are grouped into small
baggies, oh...and a pocket knife.
 All this fits in the tennis can!
 Not so much really when they are kept in 
separate, easy to find containers.
 The can of balls goes in an outside pocket.
 The phone goes in an outside center pocket.
 The cup goes in the third outside pocket.
 I'll fill it with ice water at the club and also 
pick up a towel there too. I keep a spare towel
in my bag, just in case.
 Everything inside. Room to spare. 
 I hook my member bracelet and keys onto a
carabiner snap clamp hook on the straps.
The plastic bracelet swipes to open
the lockers as well as for security entry.
 Not an 'official' tennis bag, but it works for
me...for now. You can pack any sports bag
this way and customize it to suit your needs. 
Here it is in the front entry  
always ready to go. 


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  1. Well packed. I don't play tennis but I think I will use some of your techniques for keeping my "just in case" bag in my car. My brother is a huge tennis player so I get why you love it. Thanks so much for sharing today. Glad I took a moment to stop by. Happy blogging.

  2. Hi, Rita!
    What an interesting post! I marvel at your organization and you've really given me some ideas for how to make my purse more efficient. Now that I'm a grandma I find there are things I really need at my fingertips (bandaids, sanitizer, a few crayons....things like that) and I like your ziplock bags inside a small bag. Thanks for sharing. I'm so going to do this. Rosie @
    The Magic Hutch

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