Wednesday, September 24, 2014

A Lovely Family Tradition

My good friend and tennis partner today was
 telling me about her plans for celebrating 
Rosh Hashanah with her family tonight:
her menu, her large family that would be
there, and all her preparations. It sounded
wonderful so I stopped by her house after
tennis to get a look. Iphone pics for you.
 Her table was set with family heirlooms.
The best part, I think, was the tradition 
started by her mother of gifting every 
new member in their family with a 
silver wine chalice. A Kiddush cup.
 New babies, and new brides or grooms
were all presented with their own.
And here's the best part II. At each family 
celebration they would use their goblets. 
They would be dropped off ahead of time.
Each one was different.
Some were monogramed.
There were 19 here for 
tonight's dinner .
Two tables were set up.
 Her mother's silver tea and coffee set.
 One with her mother's silverware and gold
rimmed china.
The other with her mother's
Spode china.
 This is Spode Copeland in the
 'Patricia' pattern.
Handled soup bowls ready to be filled
waited in the kitchen. Both sets
had matching soup bowls. So pretty.
 White roses in the center of the tables. 
 One of the items on the menu was 
my Fabulous Fall Salad. I had given her 
the recipe and she hadn't tried it yet. 
It will be served without the chicken 
because it will not be an entree salad.
 I hope it was a hit.
L'shanah tovah!
Cheers to Traditions!

update: The salad was a hit and everyone
 went home with a copy of the recipe. :)

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  1. What a fabulous idea, to set a table with individual Kiddush cups!! These are all very beautiful. I actually might have to borrow from that tradition and start collecting now. My Rosh Hashanah table will be posted in a week or two, but it revolves around apples and honey, another Rosh Hashanah tradition that's meant to signal a sweet New Year. Thank you for sharing your friend's table with us!

    Lory at

    1. Thank you Lori for the nice comment. It's a great tradition that I may borrow as well for our family holidays. I've included Kiddush cups to the post and added a link.

  2. Lovely, lovely...the china and heirloom cups are to die for. Love that Spode!

  3. Lovely tradition. I love the idea that everyone uses their own special goblet.

    Big Texas Hugs,
    Susan and Bentley

  4. Your friend's table is beautiful. Her Spode china is gorgeous! What a wonderful idea to have special goblets for each person and the lovely memories attached to each one. Two thumbs up - I like that idea! Thank you for sharing.