Sunday, December 15, 2013

White Christmas Trivia

Mitzi Gaynor did not star in the 1954 movie
 'White Christmas'
Lots of people think she did. 
I was one of them for years.
I watch White Christmas every year.
It's on the list of Christmas 'musts'.
So last night as we were watching
I thought I'd share 
this little factoid with you.
It was Vera-Ellen. She was known for her
very tiny 20" waist. She only weighed
90 lbs and was an anorexic in an era with
 famous voluptuous actresses.
(anorexia was not as widely known then)
Beanpole and broomstick were words used
to describe women that were too thin .
Because of this she had an aged-looking neck
and wanted all of her costumes to cover
her neck. You'll notice it in the pjs in the
above picture and all the photos below.
 I took all these screen shots with my iphone
 to see if they were correct,
and they were. Not great quality photos,
but here they are:
 Singing  Sisters .
Click on it to watch the scene.
Meeting Davis and Wallace after their act.
Davis gives the girls his and Wallace's train
tickets. They have deluxe accommodations in
a private compartment, but the next morning
you see them getting out of a bunk berth.
Blooper! Forgot to take that shot.
Actually Larry was the one that noticed it.
I made him watch it with me.
One of many button-up pajama tops.
The girls come out to thank the guys for
 giving up their tickets.
That leads to another popular song from
the movie. Singing Snow on the train.
Click on it to watch the scene.
 Arriving in Pine Tree, Vermont
Note the white turtleneck while rehearsing.
 Hi neck costume.
Meeting with Davis (Danny Kaye).
 Another oriental-style button-up pj.
 Pink dance costume.
 Attending the Cast Party in white sequined
 turtleneck dress.
Pink high collar pj top.
 A white oriental-style robe.
Yellow dance costume during rehearsal.
White turtleneck
red blouse
Show number in uniform.
The famous sequin red velvet dress with
white fur trim. Remember the first time
you saw this? Amazing!
It plays all the time on TV in December,
so set your DVR and enjoy it again.
Click to enjoy the famous White Christmas
song at.....The End



  1. How interesting. I didn't know those factoids. Thanks! ;-)

  2. What an informative post. I love to read these little known facts. Recently, I read that Natalie Wood had broken her left wrist as a child. Her mother's fear of doctors prevented the wrist from being properly set,causing the bone to become deformed. As a teenager, Natalie starting wearing large bracelets on her left wrist, and did so for the rest of her life.
    Love everything that you do. Merry Christmas to you and yours.

  3. Very interesting,now you have me wanting to watch the movie again!

  4. Our family has watched this zillions of times already this year! Ha! It's one of our very favorites. I'd read that about Vera-Ellen a couple of years ago and pointed it out to my daughter this year. She loves to design outfits and thought that was a neat way of helping the actress feel more confident in her costumes. By the way, those are great shots from your phone! :) Have a great week!


  5. Hi Rita, This was fascinating! I think White Christmas may be my favorite movie of all time! I LOVE the costumes and both Vera and Rosemary, but I never knew about the high collars!!! I'll be watching again tomorrow night and will pay special attention to her scenes! Thank you for this post! Linda

  6. Interesting but I always marvel at her gorgeous legs. Just goes to show that we all have body issues. Re the bunk bed scene I always thought they exchanged the berth tickets for the berth tickets. As much of a tradition as this movie is and no matter how often I watch, it still irks me that the Rosemary Clooney character didn't ask Bing about the phone call and just assumed that he was going to put the General on TV. But, if she did I guess there wouldn't have been a movie. Anyway, no Christmas is complete without at least one viewing of White Christmas.

  7. One of my favorite movies. Thanks tons for linking to Inspire Me. Hugs, Marty

  8. Well, keeping in mind that a "factoid" is a fact that everyone thinks is true due to repetition, but isn't actually true, this all fits.

    Mitzi Gaynor wasn't in the movie, and no, Vera Ellen did not have an "aged looking neck" which anyone familiar with her other movies in that same year would tell you. It was a costuming decision, and nothing more.

    Vera Ellen also suffered the "anorexia" only for a short period around the making of White Christmas. Looking at movies only 3 years earlier, she is very health and curvy, but still has a small waist.

  9. I love that movie. Both actresses have itty bitty waists! White Christmas is such a classic movie! I'll have to find my copy of it and watch it again! Thanks for sharing (and those are pretty good pics from your phone). Merry Christmas!

  10. This has been my favorite Christmas movie for years, and I spotted Vera's eating disorder from the very first time I watched it years ago. Favorite scene is "The Best Things Happen While You're Dancing."
    My tradition each December is watching it the first night it airs on TV while wrapping gifts. It was wonderful to do so again last Saturday...only wish it would have been a tad cooler in So Fl. ;)
    Merry Christmas!