Sunday, December 8, 2013

Christmas Baking

I needed some home baked cookies and just
got a new recipe from my friend Liz.
She's my very good friend Cathy's sister
 in Canada and although we have never met
IRL, we are none the less buds. 
So I got started. Lights on!
 But wait...I forgot to put the Spode cups 
into the flour and sugar to use for scoops.
 Ok, now to proceed. But wait...I remembered
 a gift set of Spode measuring cups and
spoons that I got for Christmas  last year.
 A gift from our kids and grandkids in Atlanta.
 I can see years of Christmas baking with these!
 I love the markings. 
No need to convert those European recipes.
Decorative additions to my little baking area.
 I'll store them in their boxes when I pack up.
 Pretty as any ornaments.
Now where was I? OH yes, baking cookies.
Ginger cookies. If you want the easy recipe
for these delicious cookies just click HERE.



  1. I love your post dear Rita May and those gorgeous Spode C'mas cups and measuring spoons you were gifted and to make the holiday baking more special and yummy! Have a lovely second week of advent.

  2. LOVE the Spode measuring cups and spons! So pretty. I am NOT baking cookies, I am TRYING to lose some darn weight!!!:)

  3. Oh I love those measuring cups and the spoons are just the cutest too. Thanks tons for linking to Inspire Me. Hugs, Marty