Monday, December 23, 2013

Christmas Entry Vignette

My little antique school desk sits by
 the door in the entry.
I set it up for Christmas as if ready
 for a winter's outing. I gathered an old
(almost 50 years) wicker picnic basket.
I filled it with my vintage Burberry wool
blanket and a few more vintage items:
a plaid thermos for hot chocolate, 
a Christmas tin for sandwiches or cookies,
 and a snowman jar of mini marshmallows.
When I spotted this guy at the 
Faith Farm Thrift Store, I knew where
he'd be sitting.
Of course my outings in South Florida
still include flip flops when walking
Lucy, but I like to look at this before 
we head out the door. It puts me in a 
winter Christmas frame of mind.



  1. Oh Rita.....we think alike. I have Pendleton and Woolrich plaid blankets tossed on chairs, a basket of mittens by the door, my kids' sled and skates and other little snow country touches here in Florida. The Treasures (grandchildren, all in their teens) look at these items as if they are fossils. It's not their fault - they were all born in Florida, not Boston. I do love your Christmas moose. He looks really happy in his new home.

  2. Very cute! I wish I were in Florida enjoying that warm weather. Merry Christmas!
    Patty at Home and Lifestyle Design

  3. Your little vignettes just draw me in! I love the little moose.