Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Two Uses for One Rustic Board

I'm using this plain wood board for the table.
 But first I cleaned it and give it a rub down.
I used a mixture of olive oil and white vinegar
 to re-condition the wood. I also like to use 
mineral oil for natural wood pieces and
 butcher block seen HERE.
 Larry added the riser strips on the bottom. 
 They serve a purpose when I'm using the 
board for it's other purpose.
 It keeps the board from slipping when 
I'm using it as a bath tray.
 Back to the breakfast table. 
The risers elevate the board just a bit.
 It's now a rustic fall table runner.
I can't get bored with this board. 
 It's a good spot for a hot-from-the-oven casserole.
 Get the recipe on my recipe blog HERE.



  1. I love the uses youve pulled off with this board! very creative,great job!

  2. How clever you always are, using it for two creative and different purposes. I don't use mineral oil since it is a petrochemical product. What I've been using is Walnut oil. It's all-natural and is one of the few oils that doesn't turn rancid. You can also add as much beeswax as you like while you are warming the oil for application. It works really well. Maybe I'll get hubs to make me one!!!

  3. How terribly clever! And I'll definitely be checking out your recipe. I've had very good results with your recipes before, and my family always enjoys trying something new. (i'm lucky that way.)

  4. Now how fun is that!! Great idea. You are so creative!

    Jocelyn @

  5. This is a great idea to "elevate" one's tablescape without making it impossible to see across the table. Lovely post, and I really like the red and white dishes.

  6. I always love your tablescape ideas, and this one is no different! What a great idea for a fall tablerunner.... Thanks for sharing!

  7. How very pretty to elevate your centerpiece with a board. The red transferware is the perfect china for this lovely tablescape.!