Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Crystal Ball Paperweight Collection

I thought I'd show you my collection of crystal
 ball paperweights. Years ago I would pick up 
a ball whenever I found one for a good price. 
They are on the sofa table in the living room
The tall stands I'm using were glass votive 
candle holders. I saved the stands after the 
glass votives they came with broke. 
Some have colorful flowers.
Millefiori glass paperweight
The deep designs are 3 dimensional.
 Each has a unique design.
This one is blue, green, and pink swirls.
The bubble clear crystal balls are on their
own brass stands.
 Some have cut prisms.
  I have lots of blue ones...of course.
 Once you buy one you start seeing them everywhere.
 Blue and white.
 They are very heavy. When I pack them 
away at Christmas I can barely 
lift the box!
 They come back out again in January and I 
appreciate them as if they were new.
Of course I can always use one as a 
pretty paperweight. 
 Pretty at night with the Waterford
 lamps turned on.
I sometimes gather several and display them
on a silver tray under a cloche.
That's how these collections start, 
one ball at a time.



  1. I also collect blown glass paperweights. I started about three years ago and have around 30. I challenged myself to not pay over $5 for a single one, and I have been able to find some really great ones. I never thought about putting them on stands, it looks great. Clever girl!

  2. Hi Rita,

    Love the glass paperweights, especially the blue & white ones! They look great displayed on your sofa table. I really like the idea of displaying them on the silver tray.
    Thanks for sharing,

  3. Lovely. I can also picture them as a centerpiece for a tablescape. They are a beautiful focal point. Thanks for inviting us for a peak. Cherry Kay

  4. Oh Rita, your paperweights are simply stunning, I can only imagine when the sun is hitting them and they make the whole house sparkle, amazing, I love collecting too...I especially love the way you have them grouped together, love them..

  5. Love your paperweights. I started collecting 30 years ago, and have a collection of 250 now. We moved last year,downsized,and I sold some at a garage sale, and gave another 30 to my grand-daughter,thought i wouldn't have room for all of them...but I could have kept them, and I do have room, so will start looking for more again... at flea markets and antique shows. Love them..Bonnie in WI (

  6. Beautiful! My grandmother had those pretty super starched frilly doilies on the coffee table. In each fold little jewels such as these peeked out of the filigree... I think yours are stunning. Classy and magical.

  7. How clever! I would have never thought of that!

  8. These are just beautiful, Rita May. My mother-in-law has a nice collection of these too; the grandchildren have always been fascinated by them. :)

    Thanks for sharing these and have a wonderful week. Visiting from Seasonal Sundays.