Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Pieces Of Silver

We always had a mish-mash of silverplate
 flatware when I was growing up.
These few pieces are all that are left. 
I upgraded my parents with a matching set 
as a gift many years ago.
That was a time when vintage just meant old 
stuff. Now vintage is vogue.
The small child size fork and spoon were
 always my favorites to use.
I loved the daffodil handles.
My father would tell me these were specially
 made for me. I was  not easily convinced. 
But he would show me the R monogram and
 what he also said was a J intertwined
 for our last name. RJ 47. 
Yup! That's me.
Just a few left, a big fork and spoon. 
That fork has been used to turn lots of pork 
chops in the pan over 60 years.
I still like to think of these as mine.
I gave these few pieces of silverplate a polish
and put them into a Mason jar by the stove,
I can grab one to turn a pork chop.
I love the memories. 


  1. I love the jar with the silver. Perfect.

  2. Rita, I treasure things like this that are from my childhood. They look great sitting in that Mason jar. '-)

  3. I love silver-ware. I have my mother's beautiful set that is used at dinner parties. I'm always picking up the odd piece in thrift and antique shops. I added a silver serving fork to my stash just the other day. Love how you display them. I keep my spoons in a ceramic jar near the coffee maker. Makes sense.

  4. I have 100 pieces of vintage silver! Not from MY history but a flea market buy. I wanted to make a wind chime but never did. I hope to polish up a few pieces and display them as you do! You ALWAYS inspire me!!

  5. I read this and went right down to the kitchen to see if my IKEA wooden basket fit in the awkward spot where I keep my oils and salts. Alas, it didn't, but it encouraged me to keep looking. Your basket is so useful and beautiful filled with your lovely silver pieces.

  6. Your pretty daffodil and other vintage silver looks wonderful in that Mason Jar. I have the same affinity for a certain old spoon. I love to stir cakes and brownies and gravies... I'm using my grandmother's old silver.... it feels just right. Love the seasonal flair you bring to my life. Hugs from MO... We are expecting a blizzard tomorrow, but the sun is shining today.

  7. Love to see someone else uses their mismatched silver, I have spoons in a creamer on the kitchen table and the rest in the drawer to use everyday!

  8. Looks great Rita. And how great that it has meaning for you. Love it!

  9. Rita, It's great that you have a few pieces that belonged to your parents. They look wonderful displayed in the jar. I love to display my vintage silverplate too.
    xx, Sherry

  10. Love that idea! I have some of the silver that belonged to my husband's grandmother. Now I know what I can do with it!