Sunday, February 17, 2013

I Like Inclement Weather

 When we get an occasional grey, rain all day 
in South Florida, it  gives me just the excuse
 I need to indulge a few home comforts.
I don't need to rush off for my 
usual morning tennis game.
We put our 'must-do's' on hold for a day.
 It's too wet to go anywhere.
There is no 'outside' beckoning us 
to participate.
So we plan our day:
First: breakfast in bed.
Second: We have a DVD movie to watch
 in the afternoon.
Third: Have something roasting low and slow
 in the oven to fill the house with a great 
aroma and that makes us look forward 
to a comfort food dinner.
In between we do get in a few household
 chores done and a little puttering.

When we lived in Illinois, we would often
 spend snowy Sunday mornings bringing
 breakfast and the Sunday paper up to our
 3rd floor bedroom. It was a great treat 
after a long work week. We'd wile away hours
 enjoying breakfast, and reading the paper. 
Sometimes we'd watch an old movie, 
 and pour more coffee. The view out of our
 large window looked out over the snow-filled
 treetops onto the lake. 
It was a spectacular winter scene.
Her's the view out of our bedroom window at
the pool, patio and lake beyond in Florida.
So now I pour some tea and get my book
 and my little doggie and go nowhere.

Gotta love that!


  1. Hi Rita, I've got PLENTY of inclement weather in Maine! LOL!!! We came up Friday after work and it's been snowing all day - ugh! It was the same last week too, only we got 3 feet of snow! Double ugh! LOL!!!

    I got the biggest kick out of your last photo! Looking at your book and the size of your little puppy! So darn cute! The book looks bigger than your pup!

    Have great day and enjoy your infrequent inclement weather! I love a rainy day now and then too! :-)

  2. Yes, our weather is like that too, this time of year, I call it a colder, or a warmer spring. Now it's raining and we do just that, have lunch, watch a movie and just get ready for a healthy dinner. Love your breakfast vignette! Enjoy the rest of your Sunday.

  3. It is FREEZING here and WINDY so feels like it is in the teens.....WAY too cold to go out. Joe went out to fill the bird feeders and about froze!!! I had breakfast AND lunch here at my desk in front of the computer. LAZY day:):) XO, pinky

  4. Little Charlie Dickens spends lots of time on my lap, too. Yorkies are such special little dogs. Love the Pink Willow with the red and white check and the yellow roses to repeat the yolk in the egg. Superb visual with or without the day in bed. Thanks for inviting us for a peak at your rainy day. Cherry Kay

  5. We did something similar this morning. It's not raining but it IS our last day home before heading back to the camper. Louis Dean fixed eggs and sausage, coffee and biscuits - and it did not look any where near as elegant as YOUR breakfast - but it tasted good and I didn't have to make it! Then we sat down with MORE coffee and watched an old movie - McClintock! Now we're ready to load the car for an early morning departure. I love your view!

  6. Incremental weather is a lot less than when you lived in IL! It is a great time to relax, enjoy and snuggle with good comfort food! Look the last photo you dog looks so small! What a cutie!

  7. Happy snuggle in day Rita! It is now 20 deg here in WNC near Asheville! Woke up to 18 deg!

  8. Hope the weather is better, but I know what you mean about enjoying inclement weather, we had cloudy,cold and rain all morning,then the sun popped out and I was disappointed! I was all ready to settle in for a cozy afternoon!

  9. Your breakfast tray looks like just what I needed today--woke up with a cold, and not feeling very well. I love those mornings like you describe--we try to do that for Sunday brunch when we can--a great breakfast with an old movie is a favorite around here!

  10. Gorgeous breakfast tray. I would love to wake up to that. Thanks for joining TTT. Hugs, Marty