Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Christmas Counters

The breakfast bar corner.
 The kitchen island

We drilled a hole at the base of a green wine bottle and added a small string of little clear lights.

 It looks pretty at night

 I love getting photo Christmas cards.

Change of Heart
 The kitchen wooden heart hanger gets a Christmas tree charm.
 My Longaberger wrought iron stand holds all the Christmas napkins, napkin rings and aprons.
The breakfast table. I covered the seat cushions with pillowcases and added striped and quilted pillows to the backs of the wicker chairs.



  1. Oh, I love looking at Christmas decor, even in July! I specially like the longaberger, wrough iron stand and love the way you displayed it. Great, I'm getting some ideas for Christmas coming for my kitchen vignettes! Thank you for sharing it Rita May. Thank you for your wonderful recipes, I always get in the mail, too! Lots of hugs. FABBY

  2. I must admit that you threw me for a loop with Christmas....not ready for summer to be Hal over and here is Christmas?! LOL
    Thanks for the inspiration....I think....

  3. REPLY: oops! accidentally reposted this when I was checking a detail.
    I now return you back to summer!

  4. Aw... it's 110 degrees today in MO (index)=== this was a happy accident.... I was lost in the snowbanks!

  5. Are you doing "Christmas in July" that's so fun!