Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Swedish Meatballs

Delicious Swedish meatballs, with lingonberry sauce, mashed potatoes and creamy gravy. You can make it yourself or.........
 You can go to IKEA.
On Tuesday the meatball dinner is on special for $2.49 (reg. $3.99) and kids eat free. A 3-item child meal with each adult meal purchased is free. Can't beat that! Even the guest on Martha Stewart today said to go to Ikea for great meatballs. He was cooking them on the show from his family recipe.

A great place to go when you're out and about about and don't want "fast food". I hear you can also get home goods there too!

"Smaklig Maltid!"   


  1. IKEA has food ? I've never been, so I thought it was all house stuff ! Who knew ???? LOL ! And now I'm craving swedish meatballs !
    thanks for sharing !

  2. I am so glad that they have great mashed potatoes now along with the meatballs and I adore the lingonberry jelly. Maybe I need to go IKEA tomorrow for a bit of a shop and lunch.