Sunday, November 14, 2010

Nice Niche

BEFORE: This is the niche in the dining room. It has a glass and brass table that fits inside. It needed help.
AFTER: We painted it cobalt blue. Now it's a great backdrop for a few of my favorite things.
 It holds my "glass menagerie", a collection of Lalique crystal figurines, a little Waterford lamp, and
 a colorful oil painting that we found at our town's Art & Craft Festival.
It was our Christmas present that year.

Paint is always the fastest, cheapest and most dramatic thing you can do.

"In memory everything seems to happen to music" Tennessee Williams - The Glass Menagerie.


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  1. It sure does make a huge difference. I LOVE the color. The painting really pops out now and it makes it look 10x more beautiful than it already was.

  2. Great blue--one of my favorite colors! I also like your blue plate collection in your header.

  3. What a big difference. It makes everything just pop out and show up. You really take notice. Love the color.

  4. Turned out great! Nice color choice for the glass animals. I would either paint the outlet cover or place larger animals on the bottom shelf to block it.

  5. Hi Beth, It really shows up in this photo. Since that picture was taken I have covered it. so that it's not noticeable. Thanks for a good tip.