Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Dining Room Fall Tablescape

A little rearranging........again.
 This may last until I set up for Thanksgiving.  Then again.....maybe?
  I used my Evesham china on the silver three tiered stand.  
The previous S&P sets are now being used in the kitchen.
Added a fall berry bobeche ring to each of the Waterford candlesticks.
The pumpkins have copper leaves and tendrils. 
The good thing about all this rearranging is that it makes you clean as you go.
I think that's a good thing?



  1. Beautiful, Rita. I love how you have the cups and saucers with the plates in the tiered stand.

  2. Rita, the minute your blog opened I was in love. Those blue and white plates!!! Wonderful. I also like your cute stands with the cups and saucers. I couldn't get the second two pics to load, but I clicked on the first one to get a better look. Very pretty.

    And your yorkie pics... SO cute!

    Happy Tablescape Thursday from the First Coast!


    Sheila :-)

  3. Hooray for rearranging/cleaning! I just love all the dishes on your wall! You did an magnificent job of putting those up! It's something I want to do, but lack the patience. I am also afraid of doing it wrong and having a piece fall. I'll just look at yours! :-)

  4. Very lovely Rita! I've been rearranging too but am not totally sold on being done til Thanksgiving :)


  5. Beautiful Rita! Love the teacups on the tiered stand - very bright and inviting setting!

  6. Enjoyed my visit to your blog!!


  7. I adore Evesham...wonderful! I just realized that you and I have the same pair of Henredon china cabinets...and we both have them filled with crystal. Mine were refinished in a dusty teal blue a number of years ago. They are still such great pieces. Thank you for sharing your charming design. Cherry Kay