Thursday, September 8, 2016

What To Do With A Wine Crate

I've been picking up these wood wine crates 
whenever a store manager is willing to 
give them away. 
Here's one way I use them. Just pile in all
 my silver trays for a rustic/elegant display.
 First I wanted it to look older, so I wiped on
some leftover wood stain. Any stain will do. I
 had a bit saved in a jar in the garage from
some other project. It was just enough.
 Do this outside because it stinks. 
 I stained the inside too.
 I added felt stick-on disks to the  bottom so
that I could put it anywhere without worrying
 about it scratching a table top.
Here it is on the dining room buffet.
It's the thrifted buffet I painted using
my homemade chalk paint formula.
You can see that post HERE.
 Apparently (according to blogland) it's now
OK not to polish your silver. That worked
 for me because I couldn't wait to empty the
silver cabinet in the buffet and fill this crate.
 I know I'll want to polish it all and get it
nice and shiny very soon. I may even poke in
some evergreens and little white lights
for the holidays. (glee!).
 If you can find a wine crate that has your
name on it or is a special memento of an
 event or trip, that would be too fabulous!
I've been looking for a Santa Rita crate
 for some time. 

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  1. It looks great! I have seen people selling those crates at flea/antique markets and asking quite a bit for them - unfinished!

  2. It's just beautiful! What an amazing job you did.

  3. I love your crate May. You did a lovely job and it looks great with the silver tray and I like it as much as your distressed chest.

  4. What a great idea! You're always think g outside the box!
    They GIVE them away? Lucky you!