Thursday, September 1, 2016

2 Ways to Organize Loyalty Cards

Here's my solution to keep my wallet from
being over-stuffed with reward cards, or
my key fob from looking messy, and I'll
always have them handy.
I reuse one of my free key rings. The ones
 I get as promotional favors or when the car
 is serviced. Well, I save those kinds of small
items in one of my tennis cans

You usually get 2 small rewards cards that
are meant for your key fob along with each
larger card. The small ones already have the
 holes. Use a hole punch to punch a hole in
one end of the larger card. Be careful not
to punch on the magnetic strip or bar code.
This works great for credit cards too. 

I make 2 sets; one for each car. 
I keep them in the car, not in my purse. 
When I go into a store or the library, 
I just grab the small card ring out of the
 center console and return it there when
I get back in my car. That way I always
have it with me and not have to carry
 them all around everywhere. If I have
 dupes, I keep a set at home. It's an easy
 and free solution that takes just a few
minutes.  You'll feel so much more
organized, and that's a great reward.
Another Idea
Easier still is to put them on your
phone. I use an app called CardStar.
It allows me to snap the barcode on
my cards and it automatically loads it
into phone. I can then open the app.
in the store and they can swipe my phone.
Easy Peasy!

It even tells you what stores 
are nearby when you are out. 
I love this app.
I keep all my membership cards on there
too. I don't use this for credit cards. 
Credit cards are punched and put on a 
key ring and tucked into a zip pocket in
my purse. I only keep one credit 
card in my wallet. 


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  1. What a great idea to organize all those extra little cards on my key ring.....thanks.....I was just thinking the other day that I had way too many things on my key ring,,,,,my keys get lost among all of them!

    Thanks again for the great idea,

  2. Rita - What a wonderful idea. I have more of those little cards on my key chain than I do keys! LOL I never thought of punching holes on the bigger cards and corralling those too! I love it!

  3. Thanks for sharing the phone app. My key ring is so thick with all those store cards. I'm going to download the app now.