Friday, September 9, 2016

My Easiest DIY Fall Centerpiece

Still a favorite way to add instant Fall 
to my house. 
You'll need 5  minutes and:
1 - a bowl, basket, or crate
2 - a glass hurricane 
3 - a pillar candle
4 - pinecones
I started with my large antique bowl. 
Next I added a glass hurricane in the center. 
I raised the hurricane on a cleaned tuna can 
or sour cream tub. Add a pillar candle. 
 Fill all around the hurricane with pine cones. 
I collect them everywhere I go.
That's it!  Five minutes later it's Welcome Fall. 



  1. Simple, easy, inexpensive and absolutely perfect!

  2. Hello! I love this simple fall centerpiece! I am linking this up on an upcoming post! Thank you so much for sharing! (PS I LOVE you antique bowl!!)