Thursday, May 26, 2016

Bring Out The Americana Decor!

 The RED, WHITE, and BLUE accessories 
are out again for the summer Patriotic 
holidays. Here's the breakfast table. 
The 50¢ thrifted USA bear is helping with
the Americana theme.
 Everything is on the picket fence runner
 that I moved over from the sofa table.
 The antique red scale is in the center.
 These scrap ball are just a way to repurpose
 my old tennis balls. 
 Mixing red, white, and blue dishes. 
I knew the red $1.00 teapot would
see lots of use. 
 I save these mini jam jars to repurpose for
individual salt and pepper shakers. I can put
 a set at each place setting. The red gingham
tops are so cute! How could I toss them? 
 I just use a nail to punch the holes.
They fit nicely in this Longaberger business 
card basket which makes passing the S&P 
easy. It's all just the right size for the bear. 



  1. Love your USA bear and salt and pepper jars!!!

  2. Love the Americana decorations!

  3. Love the Americana decorations!

  4. Oh how cute! Love the bear and the salt and pepper shaker idea. You've reminded me I have some Boyd's Bears in the Americana look. I'll have to get a couple out now!

  5. Great red, white & blue of thrifted memorial table. The bear is precious and just the right size. Your jam jars repurposing is a great idea! So wonderful to enjoy your fun tablescape!

    Take care,