Thursday, September 10, 2015

DIY Scarf Hanger

This is a great way to organize
 all your scarves for easy access.
All you need is a hanger, 
pretty wood or bamboo will do.
I used a pack of cheap-o shower curtain
 rings I'd been saving for some reason.
Yes, they were stored in a tennis can
How else would I have found them?
Then in minutes I gathered my small pile of
 scarves and looped them through. 
Easy access!
If you have a lot of scarves you can do
separate hangers for spring/summer
 and fall/winter, or by color group.



  1. I neeeed to do this -- thanks for the tip!

  2. Great tip and thank you for sharing! I always forget to wear my scarves because I have them tucked away. Well I copied your idea and it works!!! TFS

  3. Great idea! Thanks for joining Home Sweet Home!