Thursday, July 9, 2015

Rustic Wood Pallet Frame

This large sunflower painting was a birthday
 gift from my  mother. We were having my
birthday dinner in a favorite restaurant
and I was admiring it. I thought it would
 look perfect above the fireplace in
our condo in North Carolina. The colors
were just right. The owner noticed and 
said that he would sell it for $50. 
Didn't have time to think twice when
my mother said she'll take it. Birthday gift
shopping right there!  
It had an ugly chrome frame, but I knew we
could fix that. We removed the frame and
took just the painting with us on our next trip.
 I wanted a rustic frame. Free pallet wood 
found by the dumpster and leftover wall paint
 were all we needed. Miter cut the corners
 and attach, paint and done.
Free and easy! 
I filled an antique butter churn with
sunflowers to compliment the painting.
 A gift I'll always love and enjoy looking
at and remembering the story. It's a nice
 welcome and sweet memory when we are
   visiting the 'Cabbage'. It's what we call
our place in NC. Half Cabin - Half Cottage.
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It hangs above the fireplace in our Smoky Mountain Cabbage HERE.


  1. Oh, that is beautiful! I know you will continue to enjoy it!

  2. The painting is beautiful and it looks great where you have it!

  3. Great painting, and the frame is perfect! I love to see a piece well-displayed.