Monday, July 6, 2015


I found this street sign many years ago at an
antiques flea market. The vendor said is was
 an old cast iron sign from San Francisco.
 This weekend I decided to hang it over the
archway from the kitchen/breakfast area
leading into the living room.
 I took down the chalkboard sign that was
previously there.
This is such a better place for it than where I
had it. Don't know why I hadn't thought
of hanging it here where we can see it.  
It was in my laundry room. On the back wall 
with the antique washboards. I spent a few 
days cleaning out the laundry room; all the 
cabinets, even the tops, and all the stuff up 
there, under the utility sink, organized all the 
cleaning supplies, reorganized the shelves
 on this make-shift bookcase made out of 
old bifold doors. That's when I remembered a
 friend suggesting that that sign really needed
 to be somewhere where it can be seen. 
"Too cool to hide" were her words. 
So here's it's new happy home. 
I'm liking it in here. 
Welcome N MAY ST


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  1. Very nice! Love it there..looks like it belongs there.