Thursday, June 25, 2015

The One That Got Away

Look at this beauty! It's an ornate armoire
that was in perfect condition. It was in a color
that would work in my house without painting.
It would make the perfect fun, functional
"Pinterest-inspired" wine bar
It was at my favorite thrift store sale
in Ft. Lauderdale last week. But it was
 already SOLD! 
I wasn't even looking for one, but now
I'm on the hunt. The inside had two shelves
and 4 drawers on the bottom. Perfect set-up
to repurpose it for a wine bar. 
 Hello gorgeous! 
Just look at that price! $29.00 !!
That's just crazy! 
Anyhoo, check out my Pinterest board
on CABINETS. I have lots of inspirational
pictures of cabinets and armoires
that are repurposed. This is what I
would have done with it. Lovely....
There are lots more ideas !
Check them out. 



  1. Oh, wow, it's always a beauty that gets away. I can't believe the price.

  2. That was quite a bargain! Too bad you missed it but I'm sure you'll find something even better.

  3. What a beautiful cabinet.....Can't believe that was the price?? No wonder it was already sold.... I love your Cabinet board on Pinterest (was already following!)
    Enjoy the weekend,

  4. Oh wow! What a great price! Thanks for joining Home Sweet Home!