Monday, June 15, 2015

How To Tie Your Shoes (athletic)

Are your shoes rubbing you the wrong way?
You think you know how to properly
tie your shoes, but you may not know this
tip. Proving that you're never too old to
learn new tricks. In this case, how to tie
 your shoes...the better way.
 Did you ever wonder what those little extra
holes were at the top of your athletic shoes?
They are there to help cinch in the material
around your ankle without making the rest of 
the shoe too tight. If your heel slides up and
 down when walking or running or your shoes
get loose during activity, this will fix it.

 Take the lace on one side and go back into
the eyelet creating a loop. Do both sides.
 You'll have two loops. Now cross the laces
as you normally would, but go through the
loops on each side.
Like this.
 Now pull together and tie a bow.
 This will make your shoe fit better
and stay in place. It's the
"runner's lace". Works for all
your activities.
 This way you can keep the rest of the shoe
laced to your comfort level without them being
too tight and your heel won't slip plus you'll
have better support.
That's what those extra holes are for.
Walking or running,
 or tennis. Kids shoes too.
 Just thought I'd share. Have fun!



  1. I never knew that. Thanks for sharing. I will try this on my next run.

  2. Thank you for this tip. I am going right ow to re-lace my shoes.

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