Thursday, June 4, 2015

The Best Way To Cut A Mango

It's mango season!
Time to enjoy these juicy, sweet beauties 
we get from our backyard tree.
They fall to the ground when they are ripe
 so we go out every day to see what's ready. 
It's a lot like gathering eggs from chickens.
 A beautiful basket full. 
 Cut then in half lengthwise. Remove the pit.
Plant that pit in a pot.
 Or cut the 'checks'on either side of the pit.
 Scoop out the flesh with a spoon.
The same technique used for an avocado.
Slice how you want.
Another way,  Cut in half lengthwise.
Then score the flesh.
Slice lengthwise not cutting through the skin.
 Then cut crosswise and push on the back of 
the skin until the fruit fans out. Easy! 
Now scoop it off the skin.
Just mouth watering!
Now its's ready for your recipe of: salsa
sticky rice,  salad, chutney, bread, muffins,
 or it's just great on ice cream. 


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  1. That looks really tasty and I always love to hear the best way to do something. Little tips like that make all the difference!