Sunday, November 3, 2013

Turkey On A Shelf

Never heard of Turkey on A Shelf
That's because I just made this up!
It's our new tradition.
I've named our turkey
George Washington Turkey
It honors our first President. 
George Washington was also the President
that first declared a national day of Thanksgiving. 
In 1863 President Abraham Lincoln
 proclaimed it a national holiday.  
 So Turkey On A Shelf will have an important
task: to remind us all to be thankful every
 day...for even the smallest of things.
The little things we enjoy and that make us
 happy. Each day George will share
something for which he's grateful. 
 Today George is thankful that we'll be using
 our turkey dishes, in his honor during
the month of November. 
George knows that I like to change out
 my dishes for every holiday.
This set makes November special.
So, welcome George and let's
have fun!



  1. The turkey GW in the shelf is adorable and so are those turkey dishes I spotted behind it! I love that space in your kitchen, it's so pretty, warm and invting; it makes me want to go and have something yummy that I'm sure you have made dear Rita May. Yes, we're in the third day of Turkey Season as well. Have a sweet week ahead.

  2. He's awfully cute. You might want to move him out of the kitchen on Thanksgiving Day though - might be a bit traumatic.

  3. What a great idea. I love those dishes too, I only have 8 of the salad dishes. Now I want to get the others so we can use them for Nov.!

  4. What an absolutely fabulous idea! I make a gratitude list every day, minimum of five items, no repeats for the year. Having a Turkey on A Shelf would be a fun way to inspire me.

  5. George is adorable! Love the idea, have fun:@)

  6. What a great idea, Rita! It's so important to be thankful each and every day! George will be the perfect reminder....all while looking so cute on your shelf!