Monday, November 18, 2013


A THANKFUL bunting. 
I just needed to  print, cut, and string.
Print it on card stock and cut out. 
I choose light grey (that's what I had). 
My daughter Kim, who's visiting from Texas, 
 picked out the nubby yarn to go with her 
decor. I punched two holes at the top. 
 I found the printable at Bloom Designs.
Click HERE for the printable.
 This is an easy craft gift to pack in your 
suitcase or send in the mail
 Nice for monograms too.
I liked how it looked on the living room sofa
table when I took the picture,
so now I'll need to make one for me too.
Day 18 ~Thankful for computers and printers,
and thankful Kim came for the weekend.

Thankful you're here too! 

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  1. you have a lot of interesting ideas and i love your pretty tastes always, thanks for sharing