Saturday, February 19, 2011

A Day In Delray

Delray Beach is less than an hour drive from our house. It's a real beachy, Florida town.  
 It has a vibrant downtown historic district.
 We stroll along Atlantic Avenue, which is filled with lots of shops and restaurants.
 There's an event or festival almost every weekend.
 It's a great day trip and a mini vacation day.
 Outdoor cafes line the street. So many to choose from. 
We decided on the lobster roll! Five words describe this sandwich..yum, yum, yum, yum yum!
I can't wait to come back for this one.
We stroll the side streets.
We save room for an afternoon cupcake treat. 
at Cupcake Couture
Each cupcake has a designer name
We chose the Christian Louboutinilla.
 Red heart for his signature red-soled shoes.
 Isn't this pretty?
 Valrhona chocolate buttercream icing on vanilla cake.
We shared.
We then headed to the beach. It's only 2 minutes away.
 We sat a spell and watched the ocean.
A parade of seagulls along the water's edge.
Jonathan Livingston, I presume.
We say goodbye to Delray Beach. We'll come back another day.
We drive home into the setting sun.
We get an enthusiastic greeting from the welcoming committee.  

A good day!

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  1. Is Delray near to Naples by any chance? I am going to Naples on Wed. with 3 other friends and we are looking for places to go! Thanks!!!! XO, Pinky