Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Back To Blue and Me

The Valentine decorations are put away and my blue is back. It's been a while. Fall decor with Halloween and Thanksgiving. Then Christmas. Then a bit of blue for January. Then Valentine's red and soon a bit of Irish green for St. Patrick's Day.
Willow pattern tray tiles.
 Flea market blue and white dishes in the metal dish rack.
The tray on the kitchen bar counter.
The top of the fridge.

All are back.
Of course, the doggies get a "set" table in blue and white. 
Even my shabby little beadboard heart looses it's red and white polkadot ribbon
 for a blue satin one.


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  1. So Sweet, I Love blue&white! I LOVE the metal dish rack. I have been "Looking" for one like that and they are NOT easy to find! But, there is Such a thrill in the hunt!
    Thank you for sharing,
    Hugs to you,

  2. Love the blue and white.. especially this time of year. Your salt and peppers are darling!

  3. Blue and white, is one of my fav's, love these dishes.

  4. I am totally a BLUE and WHITE person. I love your post and getting to peak at all of your blue and white. The platters and plates surrounding your breakfront are magnificent!!!

    - The Tablescaper

  5. we have the same dishes. Blue Willow in NC and the Churchill Indian Tree Blue in Florida. Loved all your photos.

  6. Love the blue and white (and red) which are my favorites. very crisp... and you've created such lovely vignettes! Mrs. S

  7. Rita you know I love a Blue/White kitchen girl..I love those orbs where did you find them I think I heard them screaming my name ha ha!! Hope all is well in your world my friend..Hugs and smies Gloria

  8. All of your lovely blue is such a cool contrast to all of the valentine's pink and red. Very pretty

  9. Love your blue and white flea market dishes! just beautiful!

  10. I love looking at the pretty things in your kitchen. I love blue and white. I have alot of it sitting around, too!

  11. How beautiful your blue and white dishes, pretty lady. What great things in your kitchen and the vignettes. The little doggies are a treasure...I lost my little 12 yr. old pug last year because of an illness in his kidneys, they didn't fuction at all, it was so sad, I still miss him.
    Come visit my Asian Tablescape, this Thurs., if you haven't. Love to have you.

  12. My Millini Magnolia ( an eleven year old Peke) is pouting after seeing your dog's wonderful dishes! I suppose that this time tomorrow she will have a blue and white tablescape for herself! I, too, am blue and white to the soul.....cannot get enough of it ever! My everyday dishes that I use the most are Blue Danube by Lipper. Thanks for sharing your lovely blues and whites!

  13. You and I were both ready for a good dose of blue and white this week. Your tablescape is lovely. Thank you for sharing your beautiful design. Cherry Kay

  14. Did you make that beautiful serving tray yourself? That looks like it would be useful thing to make..just have to have the tiles with you to see if they'll fit in the wooden tray you buy! I love the depth of that tray. I can see this set up on a coffee table for tea/coffee and sweets.