Monday, October 11, 2010

"You've Got Mail" & Our Day In NYC

The day we took the train into NYC was the best weather day of the week. Perfect! I always pick a different neighborhood to explore on each visit. This time it was the Upper West Side: home to "You've Got Mail", Matt Dillon (who we just missed at Starbucks) and many other "swells". I decided to get corny and visit all the locations from YGM, one of my favorite movies. Here are a few.
I'm sure you remember Kathleen Kelly's charming
 brownstone. Joe Fox (Tom Hanks) brings daisies
 to Kathleen Kelly (Meg Ryan) .
With a little detective work I found the 
brownstone used in the movie. 
It's at 328 W 89th Street, for
 all you obsessed fans of YGM. We also 
stopped at the grocery store, Zabars, 
Gray's Papaya, Starbucks,
All the places they met.  
Also Cafe Lalo, where Kathleen waited with a 
red rose while reading 'Pride and Prejudice'.
To meet 'NY152' ,who didn't show.
 We walked thru beautiful Riverside Park
 that runs along the Hudson River. 
To the 91st Street Garden.
They met at the end.

I love this movie!

(another hopeless romantic)

Links: Susan (BNOP) has pictures
(Click HERE to see the inside of Kathleen's
brownstone apartment)


  1. Hi Rita,
    Hubby and I loved your post of New York City
    where YGM was made. We absolutely love that movie too, and we watch it every Valentines day!!
    It was so neat to see your pictures of the places in the movie. Thanks for sharing that, it was fun for us to see. Don't know what it is about that movie, it just seems to have a magic all it's own!!
    Tell Your daughter, that her home is just so beautiful, they have done amazing things with it. All Wonderful, what a difference. They have great ideas and she is a good decorator for sure.
    Know you are having a great time and that is a good thing, so keep it up!!
    Blessings, Nellie

  2. I LOVE that movie and the next time we get to NYC I'm going to go to those places. That would be so much fun!

  3. I love this movie too. I've been to those places in NYC as well, but didn't know the address of the Brownstone. Have it on my list now. '-)
    Great post!

  4. How nice that you had such a good sport along with you to take photos of at just the right spots! I love this kind of an adventure! Fun...