Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Lunch At The Central Park Boat House

One of the most important parts of an outing for us is finding the perfect place for lunch.
So, after our tour of "You've Got Mail" all over the upper West Side, (see previous post) we walked  more than 30 blocks to Central Park.
We walked to Bethesda Terrace.
 To see Bethesda Fountain, the crown jewel of Central Park.
 "Angel Of The Waters"
4 smaller figures represent Temperance, Purity, Health, and Peace.
We took the path along the lake.
Even on a weekday the park is very busy.
To the Central Park Boathouse.
A wonderful day to eat outside.

Enjoying a glass of wine and the view.

An oasis in the city. We had a wonderful day in NYC.



  1. Thanks for sharing pictures of your lovely day ! You know, I've lived in this area ( ny/nj) my entire life and I have NEVER been to Central Park !


  2. Hi Rita, there is nothing like Central Park on a beautiful fall day! And it looks like you really covered alot of territory. Hope you took a cab back! I am looking over your previous posts. Love the blue in your daughter's living room--I'm also going from yellow to blue for my living room and I'm a little bit afraid it will seem cold, but everytime I see a photo I feel better! Have a great day. Linda