Monday, February 20, 2017

Single-Serve Coffee

Brewing a perfect mug of single serve coffee
couldn't be easier. 
You don't need a big expensive machine
 and those costly coffee pods. 
Those pod machines are like a microwave, 
big space hogs that may be quick and 
convenient but ultimately not giving you
the best coffee. 
The ritual of slowly brewing fresh coffee
is a great way to start your morning. 
No hitting a button on a machine. 
In just a few minutes you can brew
a mug of rich, flavorful coffee. 
The "pour-over" method is incredibly easy
giving you one great cup of coffee. 
Anytime you want. 
You'll need:
a cone coffee dripper 
(less than $4)
#2 filters
your favorite coffee 
(Of course grinding your own is best)
boiling water 
All you need to do is grab your favorite mug. 
I rotate my mugs seasonally. It's a cheery, 
fun welcome to the day.  

Bring water to a boil. I love my electric
water kettle, but you could also micro
2 C of water. 
Place the coffee filter in
 the cone and put on top of your mug. Pour
 a little of the hot water into the empty 
filter to saturate the paper. This also 
warms the mug which is nice. Swirl the 
hot water in the mug and pour it out.
  Don't forget that. 
Add 2 level scoops of coffee to the filter. 
Another plus with this method is you can 
adjust the coffee to your liking. 
Slowly pour a little
water over the grounds to moisten. 
Then slowly pour the water into
 the center. 
Let drip through and add more water
if needed. Slowly pouring into the center 
until your mug is filled to your liking. 
I fill mine about ¾ full 
so there's room to add  frothed milk. 
It's environmentally friendly too, 
just toss the used filter and 
rinse the cone or put it in the DW.
This is great for travel. 
I bring the plastic cone, filters, and
coffee on road trips. It's also good when 
I'm visiting non coffee drinkers. I can easily 
make a cup of single serve coffee myself. 

The clear Melitta cone at the top pictures 
is one I've had for probably over 30 years.
I just bought the new brown one for travel.  
You can find them at BB&B or in the 
grocery store. 


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  1. The best! So easy and tastes delicious!

  2. Good idea! Hubs still drinks coffee (from the coffee pods) but my belly rebels at the taste. It always smells so good tho...

  3. I'm with you! I received a Keurig as a gift, but I hardly use it because the darn pods are so expensive!