Tuesday, February 14, 2017

RED Armoire!

Happy Valentine's Day to me! 
 Look at this great RED armoire we found
 this week! Just in time for Valentine's Day. 
Larry knows just what makes me happy!
This is part of my Master Plan*
Just look at all the storage to organize
stuff...red stuff. I can store all of my
Valentine decorations as well as all the 
red decor accessories I use for 3 holidays:
Christmas, Valentine's Day, and the
patriotic ones from Memorial Day thru
July 4th, and 9-11. All in one place. 
All so easy to get to. No more rummaging
around in  boxes on garage shelves. 
Yes, this baby is going in the garage. 
My Master Plan is to find and repurpose
armoires I find for sale on craigslist
and on Facebook and use them in the
garage for storage. Great, cheap, sturdy, 
attractive, storage. Better than open metal
shelves and cheaper too. This one was only
$25 !!!
Cheers to unconventional Valentine love. 

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  1. Wow! What a find at $25! And that is a great master plan, by the way ;-)

  2. Oh my I believe you found a great deal.
    $25.00 I want to go where you shop.
    Just stopping by from BNOTP.
    Happy belated Valentine's Day.